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Our Backbone Yes we can and we will!

Team Work - Philosophy

We can only succeed through teamwork. By working closely in both good times and bad, we lay the foundation for successful cross-cultural collaboration, streamlined inter-departmental cooperation and efficient processes.


Are the backbone of our HIPAA Compliant medical transcription service.

We have a global staff of professional transcriptionists and editors. Our transcriptionists are highly-trained and must pass our certification processes.

We regularly review the work of our transcribers, our editors and our Customer Support team to ensure that we are providing the highest quality products and services found anywhere.

Highly Recommended 99% of our customers recommend us!

"Hi, this a true said testimonial of my experience using "Rekha Transcription". It has been an excellent service. I have been able to get in touch with the company administrators on the regular basis when in trouble. I have been using their system for approximate 2 years, they are affordable, they have easy access to download all are dictations online. And overall what I can say is - Darpan, thank you very much for the service, I look forward to it and I would highly recommend to any physician considering it. And I don't give recommendation very likely, this one I can easily standby."

99.9% Accuracy // 2-24 Hrs TAT // 24/7 Support // HIPAA Compliant Transcription // Start your Free Trial Today!